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About Us

We are Gabe & Mary. Mary takes care of all activities which are in-front of the camera because she is the most beautiful & brave among us  2; No matter do we have to do Underwater Photoshoot with whale  sharks or to travel 4 days without a stop to reach a paradise island she will do it without hesitation.

Gabe on the other hand is responsible for all behind the scene stuff [photo/video/editing] + for the planning all crazy vacation and handling all the mumbling of Mary when we have to wake up 4 a.m. to travel for next location 😀

Don't hesitate to contact us 🙂

freshmania.media [-at-] gmail.com

What We Do

Video Content
Video Content

You want full dedicated video to show your products. Not a problem!
We create extremely beautiful videos where we show the products in their best light.

Photo Content
Photo Content

Every amazing product deserve an amazing picture. While we are on set recording the video is not a problem to spend few more mins and take a couple of photos.

Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness

You want to increase your brand awareness.
Just sponsor our next episode on youtube and we will include your brand in our video.

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Small part of our review of Aliexpress Dresses

Riseado Showcase

the store used the photos on their home page

Summer Haul Photos

The photos were created while shooting the videos for the products


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